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Christian Hahnemann
10 avril 1755 - 2 juillet 1843
Décédé(e) à l'âge 88 ans 2 mois 22 jours

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German physician, known for creating an alternative form of medicine called homoeopathy.
Called ? Analog Medicine?. For Hahnemann: " ... there is a big difference between homo?os (similar) and homoousios (analogous), when many people think those two words are synonymous". " ... hom?opathy has never claimed to cure diseases with the same power as the one they appear from, it wants to do it with a power which is not similar, but only analogous, by a medicine which can only produce a morbid condition analogous to the disease". (in S. Hahnemann, Etudes de M?decine Hom?opatiques, page 281, Editions Bailli?re, Paris, France 1855.)
"Ce qui s'observe r?ellement doit ?tre au moins possible"

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